Northcote Lane Market

Northcote Lane Market

Est. 2007

Northcote Lane Market launched in the Summer of 2007 as the first Indie boutique and vintage market in Cardiff the monthly pop-up is regually held in a cobbled back lane behind Milgi in the Summer months and inside the warehouse in the Winter.

Featuring handpicked stalls and curated pitches with absolutley no fillers, stall holders are selected for being the best at finding and designing one off garms and vintage at bargain prices.

It’s not just about the clothes with art, music and streetfood all in the mix. It’s the diverse creative community and unique atmosphere that really makes the market a great neighbourhood hang out.

Now in it’s 5th year the market has inspired a wave of crafters and indie markets to pop-up across the City in a celebration of Cardiff creativity.

Location: Northcote Lane (behind MILGI 213 City RD)

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The alternative shopping destination and a whole new wardrobe for under £10. We open the space to a massive jumble sale, and it’s as exciting as it sounds. You can find absolute gems at this market and quite easily find yourself walking away with bags full bargains galore. This is also the perfect opportunity for you to do some serious recycling, so, if you have “stuff” (and that can be anything) then why not sell it for a £1 and make an extra bit of cash.

If you love to shop but just don’t have the budget, this is the market for you!